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Aznir Awang Haron
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"Salasilah Dato' Ja'afar bin Mohamed"

To whom it may concern,
My name is Aznir Awang Bin Haron and I am currently living in New Jersey USA. I am the great-great-great grandson of  Dato' Ja'afar bin Mohamed. After reading and surfing through "Salasilah Dato' Ja'afar bin Mohamed" website, I found some mistakes in regards to my grandmother's name and her sisters. I think its best if I point the mistakes beginning with  Dato' Ja'afar and go from there. I tried to explain the corrections as clearly as possible below:

Dato' Ja'afar bin Mohamed + Aishah (Esah) binti Ibrahim (Pandak)

Datin Aminah binti Dato' Ja'afar + Dato' Daud bin Hj. Suleiman

Abdul Hamid bin Dato Daud + Hamidah binti Abdullah

(their beautiful 3 daughters and their correct information)

1) Mariam binti Abdul Hamid (First daughter of Abdul Hamid)

2) Datin Hindon binti Abdul Hamid (my beautiful grandmother who passed
away in June 2000 who was the second daughter of Abdul Hamid)

3) Norliah binti Abdul Hamid (third daughter of Abdul Hamid)

Few other mistakes I would like to point out is my father's and my siblings names.
The correct spelling are:

Haron bin Haji Elias (my father)
Abrizah Binti Awang ( my mother and daughter of Datin Hindon Abdul Hamid)

Azwan Ali Bin Haron (first brother)
Azlan Salleh Bin Haron (my second brother)
Aznir Awang Bin Haron (the youngest boy is me)

My grandmother Datin Hindon was known as Datin Mas Abdul Hamid. I guess "Mas" was a nama timangan given to her by Dato' Daud her grandfather.She was born on June 24, 1915. The picture you have on the website is Datin Hindon's picture and not Mariam.Infact Mariam did not hold any title. .
My uncle Dato' Ariff bin Dato' Awang infact created our family tree himself and has alot of information and pictures as well that he might share.

Anyways, I just thought I would email you regarding these corrections.

Thank you for your effort to create this wonderful website. It is helpful for the younger generation like myself to know and to learn our family tree.

Kudos to you!!